Tuesday, January 17, 2012


As my second post, i wanted to share a website i recently discovered. You know how you see that one cool inspiring picture online and you're always saving it to your 'My Pictures' folder... or any quick save, you then don't know which file it went to... and you eventually have 100's of pictures. You also go to look for one in particular and you can't find it... Well let me introduce Pinspire! (a social network based for photosharing) Hence the name, it's your online pin up board for all your inspirations! passions and interests. So instead of saving a picture to your hard drive pin it to your collection! You can even organize them into their own genres.
Here is my profile, i have been adding pictures these past few days so check them out. You might like to 're-pin' afew!
Hope you enjoy and have a lovely day.

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