Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sabo Skirt

If you have noticed the new styles and trends right now, chunky jewellery, chains, spikes and gold. I have decided to join in on the phad, only i got a chunky necklace, gold neck cuff and a gold metal belt! Woohoo, i gotta say, coolest purchase! I have yet to get pictures of them on me (gotta primp up, you know lol). It reminds me of the Egyptions. I had been looking for a gold metal belt for the longest time! And then to find the cuff and the chunky link necklace as they are always sold out on Shop with HRH. I found these at Sabo Skirt and boy do they have a cute selection. Gotta be quick though. Next on my list are those wrist cuffs or a link chain bracelet. Way cool of a style in right now! Thank-you Sabo Skirt!