Monday, January 30, 2012

A Good Friend.

For some crazy reason i decided to fall down the stairs and break my tailbone. So i have been taking it easy to allow it to heal properly.
Now today a little angel payed me a visit with a care package of a couple goodies. I was so happy and surprised! She recently broke her ankle and wanted to share with me what had worked for her to allow her to walk again so quickly. Boy do i love her:) Couldn't thank her enough.
LifeTime Calcium Magnesium Citrate, Emergen-C, Tazo Rest - Rose


  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog! OMG! That sounds like a really nasty fall. Would love you to stop by my blog & if you love please follow, I'll happily follow you back xoxo

    1. Hello! Just followed you:) yes! Lol always hold onto the rail ok! Haha not good!
      Thank you so much! You will be my first follower:)
      Have a lovely day!

  2. Thanks for following me, now following you back. Yay, your 1st follower!!!! xoxo

  3. Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

  4. Be better soon! I'm following you now :)
    Come and visit me!

  5. hi grace,

    I started a new blog. Its called "Same Same But Different". I would like to share with you my view on fashion, art and other amazing things. I hope you will enjoy the posts of my outfits, fashion and things which are a part of my life. I am happy about every comment or message. And please dont hasitate to criticize or to leave a helpful suggestion. (and i know i really need to learn how to use my camera)


    Hope to read from you soon,

    best wishes